Sample Lesson Resources - 

Numbers and the Letter "C" 

by Deborah Healey

Sample Easy Numbers Lesson

Off the computer: Print out numbers to color from
On the computer: Show Rolando Merino’s Counting Story at - teach "bunnies" and have the students say the number, then "bunnies"
Follow-up with some number-related rhymes: One Two Three Four Five at

Play "The Ants Go Marching" music with lyrics at - the students can sing and march along (see more music for children at This would be a fun activity for the end of the day.

Sample lesson to practice the letter "c" and "c" sounds

Off the computer: hand out a Letter C worksheet for students to practice tracing letters from
Option: Off the computer: Print out and give students a Letter C to write and color from (it's inside a cat that they can color, too) or the simpler letter C at
Have students think about words they know that begin with 'c' and add more pictures that show those words. If they know how to write the words, ask students to label their pictures, too.
Cake focus:
Do the pat-a-cake rhyme at - view online or print it out with a color printer for best results.
or add some number work with the connect the dot activity at
Review the alphabet with the ABC song. Music and lyrics are at - easy to sing along!


Find more great off-computer ideas for the letter "c" at - song lyrics included (this is where the link above came from).

Find cat activities for offline work at at - rhymes about cats, cats to print and color, crafts about cats (cat mask template to color, etc.)

For car coloring online, take a look at It has both online and printable coloring. There aren't a lot of choices, but no ads, either.

Try the free software, Letter Sounds, that you can download at

For older or more advanced students, create your own interactive crossword or easy reading with questions using Hot Potatoes, a free download at

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