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When you do a web search, you often get a lot of results. Some of the choices will be more likely than others to be "authoritative" -- from trustworthy sources. You could read every hit from a search, but you'd waste a lot of time. It's better to decide what to look at just from the web search results.


  1. Look at what is listed below. With a parthner, talk about which you would choose to click on to get more information for an essay on work-family, and why. Which ones are more likely to be from reputable sources?
  2. After you make your choices, click on two or three. Were they what you expected? Why or why not?
  3. Choose two of these. Read them quickly for information that would support or oppose ideas in Viewpoint Three or Viewpoint Four. Copy and paste a key quote or two into a Word document. Make sure you also copy and paste the URL (the location, starting with http://) and today’s date as the date you visited the site. Don't forget to save your work!

Search Results - Google

The following are some of the first search results from www.google.com, searching for "work-family."
Work & Family Connection Home Page
...Boston College Center on Work & Family Roundtable Welcome to...
Description: Everything you've ever wanted to know about work-family from the nation's only clearinghou...
www.workfamily.com/ - 23k
Work Family Life Interactions
...Home University of Minnesota Work-Family-Life Interactions...
...information, research and opinion to work and family issues....
www.cyfc.umn.edu/work.html - 8k
CHATELAINE READ: Work: The work-family crunch
...The work-family crunch: How are we coping? When Chatelaine asked...
Description: When Chatelaine Magazine asked working moms how they balanced the double duties of...
www.chatelaine.com/read/work/crunch.html - 21k
Work-Family Electronic Network Site
...Database ... Newsletter ... Work-Family .....Syllabi ... On-Line...
...Grantee and Grant Listing Work-Family Links...
www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/csom/cwf/wfnetwork.html - 12k
Work-Family.com - Home Page
...Vaughan on balancing home and work About the Vaughans Polling Place...
www.work-family.com/- 6k

Search Results - Infoseek

The following are from a search for "work-family" on infoseek.com.
1. Campaign for Working Families
Organization supporting Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer.
Relevance: 95% Date: 28 Oct 1999, Size 1.3K, www.campaignforfamilies.org/
2. Labor Project for Working Families Homepage
- easy to read format! Fall 1998 - easy to read format! Subscription Information Sponsors of the Labor Project for Working Families
Selections from our database of work/family contract language, ...
Relevance: 92% Date: 19 May 1999, Size 2.9K, violet.berkeley.edu/~iir/workfam/home.html
3. Work-Family Connection
National clearinghouse of information about work-life issues and practices. Includes picks for family-friendly companies. Many site features are for subscribers only.
Relevance: 90% Date: 31 Aug 1999, Size 20.9K, www.workfamily.com/

Search Results - Expanded Academic Index

From the Expanded Academic Index at the library, subject: work and family. Which would you choose, and why? For these, you will have to go to the Expanded Academic Index and search for work and family, then click on the ones you think are best.
New dads feel work's pull, even on leave. (young executives with growing families) Julie Flaherty.
The New York Times April 9, 2000 pBU8(N) pBU8(L) col 1 (18 col in)
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For the well connected, all the world's an office; cell phones, pagers and wireless e-mail have created a workday that never ends. Katie Hafner.
The New York Times March 30, 2000 pD1(N) pG1(L) col 1 (35 col in)
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New Statesman (1996) Jan 17, 2000 v129 i4469 p7
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Mechanisms Linking Work And Family: Clarifying The Relationship Between Work And Family Constructs. Jeffrey R. Edwards, Nancy P. Rothbard.
Academy of Management Review Jan 2000 v25 i1 p178
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Taking his work home. (general manager of General Motors Cadillac division recounts how he balances work and family) John F. Smith, Robyn Meredith.
The New York Times Dec 8, 1999 pC16(N) pC16(L) col 5 (12 col in)
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STUDENTS EXPECT A BALANCING ACT. (business students seek work/life balance)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included) Aja Whitaker.
Management Review Dec 1999 p8
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Predictors Of Work-Family Conflict And Satisfaction With Family, Job, Career, And Life. (Statistical Data Included) Nicholas J. Beutell, Ursula Wittig-Berman.
Psychological Reports Dec 1999 v85 i3 p893(11)
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Women and the Household Economy in the Preindustrial Period: An Assessment of Women, Work, and Family. Barbara A. Hanawalt.
Journal of Women's History Autumn 1999 v11 i3 p10
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Women, Work, and Family Revisited. E. Patricia Tsurumi.
Journal of Women's History Autumn 1999 v11 i3 p22
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