Deborah Healey's Attic : 2011 ABS Conference- Uruguay

A Guide to Successful Online/Hybrid Classes - Buenos Aires

Annotated outline

Growing availability and use of the Internet has brought new possibilities and challenges for teachers. Face-to-face, classroom-based courses increasingly incorporate Internet components to create “hybrid” or “blended” courses. More language learners are looking for the anytime, anywhere learning that a fully online course can provide. This session will draw upon the presenter’s extensive experience with hybrid and online courses and international TESOL’s Technology Standards to offer some guidance to teachers who are incorporating technology in their courses.

Considerations for teachers who are interested in including or enhancing Internet components in their courses include the following:


Here are a few resources of interest to teachers.

TESOL Technology Standards:

Teaching online courses

Online students

Hybrid courses/Blended learning

Web 2.0 basics


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