One-computer and Low Resource Possibilities 

Deborah Healey,

Consider: Key:
C=classroom computer
T=teacher?s computer
S=students with computer access outside of class
I=Internet access
sw= software wp= word-processor
Activity/tool Resources Who directs the activity Type of activity
Classroom material, such as
pictures - ESL Action Photos by Barry Bakin, University of Victoria's Language Teaching Clipart Library, or
song lyrics ;
word searches - online or download shareware from KidsDomain
tongue twisters-
T,I or sw Teacher Handouts
Word templates - at the Office Template Gallery
T or C (or T/S), Word
Teacher or students
PowerPoint templates- at the Office Template Gallery
T or C, PowerPt
Teacher or students Individual or group
Computer and Projector: Electronic whiteboard
C,P, wp
Group work
Language experience approach
C (P), wp
Teacher or adv. student
Pair work
Find and correct the errors in a word-processed document with or without grammar help, spell checker
C,P, wp
Teacher or students
Individual or group
Concordance program online: (faster) or (better)
Shareware: WinConcord downloaded  and a corpus, such as a sample of spoken English or literature from Project Gutenberg .
C,P (I or software)
Teacher or students
Pair or group
The LinguaCenter Grammar Safari
Pair or group
Companion websites for classroom texts, such as Prentice-Hall's
T/S,I Teacher
Handouts or group
Create Hot Potatoes exercises - download the authoring program
C, Hot Potatoes
Teacher and students
Using email: Keypals – start with Kenji Kitao's Keypals page
C/S, I
Teacher and students Individual or group
Grammar hint of the day via email at Daily Grammar
C/S; I
Word of the Day via email at A Word a Day or Merriam-Webster
C/S; I
Professional mailing lists -search at CataList
C/S; I
Emailed homework (can use Insert Comments, Track Changes)
T,I,S, wp or Word
Teacher and student
Free online activities organized by skill and level (a sampling)
Randall's Cyber ESL Lab - listening activities with pre- and post-activities by Randall Davis
ESL Independent Study Lab by Michael Krauss
ESL Study Hall by Christine Meloni
ITESL-J student activities
ESL Gold - free activities for students and lesson plans for teachers
More listening sites include The Learning Edge, an audio magazine with exercises and CNN's Learning Resources, audio and readings with exercises.
T,I or C,I Teacher or students Individual or group
Skill-building programs - find free/shareware at KidsDomain and by searching for <skill> shareware, such as vocabulary shareware, reading shareware C; I or sw Student (guided by the teacher) Individual

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