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Useful Internet Sites for Teachers with English Language Learners

General sites


Type of user Title Description
all teachers Global Schoolhouse at Communication tools, including Classroom Conferencing, Mailing Lists, and Discussion Boards; collaborative projects, including CyberFair, GeoGame, FieldTrips, Newsday, and the Projects Registry 
all teachers Websites for Teachers at Annotated links on a variety of topics - some very useful sites
all teachers, especially language teachers Hot Potatoes and Quandary site at Source of Hot Potatoes and Quandary software - useful for making a variety of exercises
all teachers I Love Languages (formerly the Human Languages Page) at Links to information about a wide range of languages, including English. May be useful for getting background information about a child's first language.
primary/secondary language teachers Children's speech and language developmental milestones: An overview of ages and stages in FIRST language development; good background information
primary/secondary teachers KidClick at!/ A search engine put together by librarians for children. This says what grade level each site is for and whether or not there are images.
English language teachers CNN Student News at Online support site for a 10-minute, free instructional program with CNN news stories and world and regional events that is on TV at 4:00-4:10am Eastern time. Shows are archived, with transcripts, on the site as well.
English language teachers ESL Independent Study Lab by Michael Krauss at An example of how to organize online self-access resources, with an English language teaching focus
English language teachers and learners ESL Partyland at Resources for teachers, including lesson plans, quizzes and games, and Spanish language resources; also resources for learners, including lessons on specific topics and quizzes
English language teachers

ESL through music: various links at

Lesson plans and articles at
Sample worksheets and selected lyrics at
and lyrics at LyricServer at

A good starting point for using music in the classroom
language teachers Pizzaz: People Interested in Zippy and ZAny Zcribbling at Lots of writing activities online and lesson plans for offline use
language teachers Tech Tip of the Month at A series of articles on how to use technology in the classroom, with a focus on ESL.

Self-access centers

language teachers A Place to Start in Selecting Software at A guide to choosing software; it includes publisher links.
language teachers CALL Software List at A searchable database of software for English language teaching
language teachers Vance Stevens' Web resource for CALL lab managers and others at Lots of links to sites for those planning and implementing a self-access center; last updated in 2007
language teachers Ergonomic and task-based CALL room design at From a TESOL '98 presentation by Deborah Healey, Doug Coleman, and Susan Dever


Lesson plans

English language teachers ESL/EFL Lessons and Lesson Plans at A substantial collection of lessons in various categories.
primary/secondary teachers K-12 Lesson Plans and other resources for teachers from Los Angeles County at Links to a range of lessons and activities in different areas, such as math and science; also articles and links to other resources
primary/secondary teachers Houghton-Mifflin's Education Place at Various classroom resources, including lesson plans and activities
primary/secondary teachers Youthline's Lesson Stop at Links to lesson plans in a variety of areas, including math and science, as well as to articles about writing good lesson plans with technology
primary/secondary teachers Project MORE at Links to articles, lesson plans, and resources for content-area teachers (math, science, language arts, social studies) with ELLs


Math and science

primary/secondary teachers Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Online: Resources for Math and Science at Searchable by topic
all teachers Discovery School at Student and teacher links - science, math, social studies, etc. activities
all teachers Teacher's Channel at A range of math and science links and activities from Discovery School (above)
all teachers Science and Math Initiatives site at A searchable database of ideas, lesson plans, and resources


Lesson plans for math and science

primary/secondary teachers Lesson plan ideas at the SMILE website for biology, chemistry, math, and physics: Single-activity lesson plans; not necessarily for ELLs
primary/secondary teachers Activities Exchange lesson plans for science at Quite a variety of lesson plans; they'd like to have yours, too
English language teachers Ideas for ESL math from Dave's ESL Ideas Page at More lesson plans for math


Student projects

all teachers Internet projects at projects/ default.asp?_prod=LS&_nav=T2_proj A searchable database of projects of different types
math teachers Algebra project with English and Spanish-speakers linkout5.asp? pr/index.cfm?&setInternal=true&_prod=GSH A sample project from the link above
primary/secondary teachers Kid's Place area at Education Place at Activities for children in a variety of areas, including some interesting science activities 
primary/secondary teachers Houghton-Mifflin's Activity Search at Lesson plans for math and science at a variety of grade levels


Beginning learners

English language teachers

Activities for newcomers who speak little or no English at

A starting point
primary teachers Enchanted Learning - Zoom School at Activities for a variety of pre-K and primary topics, including science; lots of graphics make it easier to understand
primary teachers Southwest Educational Development Laboratory: English Language Learners links at Many free resources for early childhood education


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