Resources for K-12 Teachers

Compiled by Deborah Healey

Many of these are from Alan Stein, Leslie Opp-Beckman, and the 1997 CALL-IS Software List.
This is just the tip of the iceberg -- sites that are good and useful for elementary and secondary school teachers.

General Information Resources - Lists of Links

Web 66 (getting started with the Internet)
EdWeb (or through CNIDR, below)
Class IV News and Education Network - a list of links with annotations

Projects and Lesson Plans

Global SchoolNet - information and projects
The Hub, part of Technical Educational Research Centers (TERC) - issues in education
PEP, Parents Educators Publishers
Classroom Connect - includes lesson plans and online resources
World Lecture Hall - lectures and lesson plans on many topics


Atlas Reading on the Web - sites that connect with the CASAS life skills competencies for emergent readers, by Samantha Edmonds (recommended by Mary Klein)
NASA Internet in the Classroom - great projects
Ultimate Children's Internet Site - projects for kids
Education Place from Houghton-Mifflin
Online Writing Lab - writing help
Sunspace (not confirmed)
AskERIC Virtual Library

Online Dictionaries and Reference Works

Cobuild Dictionary - look for Wordwatch, the Idioms page, and the Definitions Game amid the product information
Webster's Online Dictionary
List of dictionaries
Research-IT - links to a dictionary, thesaurus, translating dictionary, maps, and many other resources

News Online

Time Magazine
CLARI News Service, a newsgroup of news stories - you may need to have a subscription to see this one


Keypals for students from Kenji Kitao - includes 'how to' articles
IECC - Intercultural Email Classroom Connections, a list of mailing lists for keypals and exchanges
International Email Tandem Network - for students learning a second language
Classroom Connect - keypal exchanges, among other activities

If there is a great K-12 site out there, let me know! My address is below.
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