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Internet Resources for Foreign Language Learning

Compiled by Deborah Healey, June 2007

Teacher resources and activities to set up

Multilingual resources

FLTEACH (Foreign Language Teaching Forum), an e-mail discussion list -

LLTI-L: A linguistics/second language acquisition mailing list -

Lingua@Net - Language resources online for many languages, including a mailing list for teachers; an excellent place to start looking for language-specific resources -

Lists of other FL resources - - including media, dictionaries, clipart, and other teacher resources

Less Commonly Taught Languages -

National Foreign Language Resource Center -

iLoveLanguages, formerly The Human Languages Page -- Tyler Chambers's list of language related Internet resources has gone commercial. Still, it's a good place to look for resources for lesser-taught languages -

the Virtual CALL Library - shareware in a variety of languages -

Foreign Language Fonts at YLC -

Activities - multilingual

Email, online discussion, journaling

Keypals for students from Kenji Kitao -

Nicenet for online discussion - - free; includes online discussion, calendar

Yahoo Groups - - create your own class group; includes online discussion, surveys, calendar

IECC - - teachers find email partners for class projects

Language exchange partners - (a well-established site) and (a newer site) individual language exchanges. You could use these in a more formal way, as well, depending on the individual you find

Blogger - - create web logs (there are many other options for blog sites, as well)

PodoMatic create podcasts (audio journaling)

Chat SecondLife at for a sophisticated, 3-D world (you need to download software to use this); many other chat sites. L.E.C.S. at is set up for classroom use (Japanese or English interface)

Online surveys at , ,


Hot Potatoes for creating exercises - - download this to run it

Online Quiz Generator from Charles Kelly -

PuzzleMaker - - a variety of puzzles; store them online

Action Mazes -; some example mazes are at


University of Victoria's Language Teaching Clipart Library - about 3000 images for basic vocabulary, designed to be culturally neutral

Barry Bakin's ESL Action Photos - available only for educational use, these are photos depicting basic actions

Clip Art Searcher at

Clip Art Connection for searchable images at

Lots of animated graphics at - these are only good viewed on a web page or in a PowerPoint presentation so you can see the motion

Babelfish - - translate phrases or whole web sites, then have students find the mistakes

E.L. Easton's vast compendium of links - lots of good links for language teachers, including,,

Bilingual quizzes (many different languages) from ITESL-J -

Vocabulary training in English, French, German, and Spanish -

A brief list of foreign travelers' phrases -

Jim Becker's Super Language Website - - Spanish | Chinese | French | German | Japanese | Portuguese | Italian | Russian| Hindi| Arabic| Latin | TESOL/ESL |


Volterre-Fr Newsletter - (also by email; write to Linda Thalman,
A sampling of links from Volterre-Fr includes

Coups de coeur -
Apprentissage: CD-ROM, videos, logiciels,... -
Congres en France -
Courrier Electronique: Forums -
EL Easton - French - - lots of links, needs lots of teacher work

Super Improved French Websites - - links by topic/activity

Real Audio clips to teach French -

French search engines - , ,, (portal for access to sites by type), (takes a while to load; a very different format)


For Spanish teachers

Terra site with many activities - - news, sports, horoscopes, search engine for Spanish sites, and more

Don Quixote - online courses (commercial) plus many free activities at

Grupo de Estructuras de Datos y Linguistica Computational - - use this to find word derivations and conjugations, as well as links to computational linguistics in Spanish. Good for teachers or advanced students.

EL Easton's site with links - - this includes links to exercises that go with textbooks. Some of the other selections are below and in the For Spanish Students section:

El Dia de los Muertos webquest -

Hispanic culture webquest -

Spanish search engines -,, (directory- search by category)

For Spanish students

Vocabulary exercises -

Free basic-level multimedia Spanish course - no registration required. Additional exercises are planned in future. -

Self-study Spanish with vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation exercises -

From EL Easton's Spanish site: Self-placement test -

A variety of quizzes, all in Spanish -

Quizzes on Spanish grammar -

Kiersey personality test in Spanish (fun!) -

Hangman (with JavaScript, so slow) -

La Familia -

Crucigramas -

Super Improved Spanish Websites - - links by topic/activity

Learn Spanish Online - a commercial site with some useful exercises, including a free six-unit lesson set. -

Spanish Language Plus - - free registration; lots of activities

Other languages

Italian Language - - dictionary, words, teacher and student resources

Dutch language information - - Dutch language schools, dictionary, words and other resource

Hindi page -

News in other languages

Daily world news -

German news in German -

German news in English -

Various newsgroups by country -
Compiled by Deborah Healey. Updated 7 June 2007.