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See if you can find your favorite artist or song (of people who sing in English). If you can't find the person by looking through these lists, use one of the search engines and type in his or her name. Some search engines are listed at the bottom of this page.

Recommended by ELI 136 students

Many web sites change over time, so there is no guarantee that the sites recommended by students in 1997 are there now. I try to keep the links at the bottom current, though. Recommended by Hediard
Celine Dion site
Some Jazz links from Jaesoon
Pat Metheny
Keith Jarret
    If someone requests, How can I listen jazz music? then I always recommend him. Keith Jarret. His name can misunderstanding of his nationality. It sounds European, but he is an American, and his playing type is really different than any other player. He always singing with his tone....
Al Di Meola
    He is most famous artist in jazz scene. When he was 19 years old, he joined Return to Forever( jazz group). After 5 or 6 years, he played solo. From 1979 to 1985 he was chosen the best guitarist in magazine (Guitar Player). He played this time only accoustic guitar. If you want to hear his guitar sound, I recommend the album named "Friday Night In San Francisco". That album reveals what is the limit of acoustic guitar sound.
From 'Waiting to Exhale'
This site is about the movie "Waiting to Exhale." The soundtrack of this album is really wonderful. It sounds good! In this album we can listen to the songs of Whitney Houston "Exhale" "Why does you hurt so bad" "Count on me", Toni Braxton "Let it flow", Brandy "Sitting up in my room", Mary J. Blige "Not gon' cry", Chake Kahn "My funny valentine" .... It a real fantastic R&B compilation album. Every song is good.
..From Peter
Rock from Jaesoon
Led Zeppelin
Eric Johnson
    I like his guitar sound. His tone is really good. He is just like jazz player. I'll buy his new album.
The Doors
Suthida's Favorite Artist--Real McCoy
This is Brandy's official homepage. She is all around entertainer. From her first album "brandy" she made two top 10 singles. Also she participated in several soundtrack albums and made hits. "Sittin' up in my room" ranked 2nd in billboard single chart and "missing you" ranked in top 10. She also act as a TV drama actor and study as a students. Nowadays she tries to catch several rabbits.
I think you can enjoy brandy's "baby". It's somewhat simple but this is this song's goodness. Her layering makes this song rich.
Charlene song from Hediard

List of Music Sites

Lyrics Wave
A wide variety of current lyrics. Added February 2002.
Vibe Magazine online.
You can read the current issue online, but you need to subscribe to see more. Updated February 2002.
Artist Direct
Alphabetical search by artist/band, mostly to sell CDs. You can download previews for free. Updated February 2002.
Look at the bottom of the page to see an alphabetical list by artist. You probably can search if you subscribe. Updated February 2002.
Search by words in the lyrics or words in the title. Useful for finding current music that you hear on the radio. Updated February 2002.
The International Lyrics Server
Another website with a great collection of lyrics, and good search tools. These lyrics are on the web, so they're easy to copy and paste into your word-processor. The ftp sites below are a bit more troublesome to use. As of February 2002, the site was still being updated and was not available.

Search info

MetaCrawler Searching
Cyber 411 - Fifteen Search Engines, One Query
STPT: Power Searcher
Welcome To Starting Point(TM)

This list was brought to you by Deborah Healey, and the students in ELI 136: Huei-Yi Chang, Joon-Wook Choi, Kyungjin Jeong, Jaesoon Jung, Hyesin Kim, Eunyoung Lee, Yongwoo Nam, and Suthida Sukumalanand. Last updated Feb 17, 2002.