Language Center - Sultan Qaboos University

Second Annual National ELT Conference

March 27 and 28, 2002

Curriculum, Testing, and New Technologies: The Way Ahead

Deborah Healey's presentations

Plenary: Do Teachers + Technology = Good Pedagogy?
People, especially administrators, have great hopes for the benefits that they believe technology will bring to teaching. Buy some computers, add the Internet, and students will of course make great learning gains. Or will they? This talk will consider the effects computers have had on teaching in the past 15 years and make predictions about the next ten years, given current trends in technology and pedagogy.

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Workshop: Communicative and Constructive Activities with Computers
This session will introduce participants to ways to use computers and the Internet for active learning. With static web pages, students tend to be passive and focus more on where to click than on the content of the current page. Much more is possible, both with and without Internet access. We'll explore how to use online discussion and keypals, teacher- and student-generated interactive exercises, some of the peer-editing features in Microsoft Word, ready-made templates in PowerPoint, and more. The goal will be to give you tools and techniques to use in your next class.

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