A Few Suggested Links

(among the very many available!)

Compiled by Deborah Healey for the Sultan Qaboos University Workshop on March 28, 2002

For teachers - general focus

Tech Tip of the Month - http://oregonstate.edu/dept/eli/techtip.html - my collection of advice on various topics for computer- and Internet-using teachers
Activities to set up
Keypals for students from Kenji Kitao - http://ilc2.doshisha.ac.jp/users/kkitao/online/www/keypal.htm
Nicenet for online discussion - http://www.nicenet.org - free; includes online discussion, calendar
Action Mazes - http://www.onid.orst.edu/~healeyd/ups/actionmaze.html; some example mazes are at http://www.halfbakedsoftware.com/quandary/examples/
Find an interesting mailing list: http://www.liszt.com/ or create your own at eGroups, http://www.egroups.com or YahooGroups, http://groups.yahoo.com
Hot Potatoes for creating exercises - http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/hotpot/
E.L. Easton's vast compendium of links - lots of good links for language teachers, including http://eleaston.com/materials.html
Search the Internet Public Library in general or their Youth Division for good, family friendly sites
Web quests - guided, topic-based research on the Internet for cooperative groups. See instructions and some sample quests
Clip Art Searcher at http://www.webplaces.com/search/
Clip Art Connection for searchable images at http://www.clipartconnection.com/
Lots of animated graphics at http://www.webplaces.com/html/animations.htm - these are only good viewed on a web page or in a PowerPoint presentation so you can see the motion
Lesson plan sites
Houghton Mifflin Education Place - In addition to support for Houghton Mifflin textbooks, this site offers lesson plans for grades K-8 and graphic organizers to print out
EnglishClub.com - lesson plans by level
EverythingESL.net - Lesson plans, mostly for primary and secondary students, by topic
ITESL-J - thousands of links to ESL/EFL lesson plans
PiZZaZ: People interested in zippy and zany zcribbling by Leslie Opp-Beckman - an extensive list of links to writing resources and lesson plans, including poetry, stories, reports, and more.

EFL/ESL focus

Online Writing Lab at Purdue - http://owl.english.purdue.edu/ - lots of webpages/handouts related to writing
SchoolExpress - http://schoolexpress.com/ - lesson plans, software: find ones that will work for adults or for children
See more sites for children at English for Children, another web page I set up
Internet TESL Journal - http://iteslj.org/ - articles for teachers, quizzes for students
Linguistic Funland - http://www.tesol.net/ - resources for teachers, including articles and job listings
CALL Interest Section Software List - http://osu.orst.edu/dept/eli/softlist/ - get information about software from a searchable database
Magazine articles - http://www.magatopia.com/ - plenty of good reading to choose from!
Sample page from ELI162 - http://www.onid.orst.edu/~healeyd/162/index.html - Advanced Reading/Writing with a substantial online component

Audio and video resources

UC Berkeley’s Media Resource Center has some of their audio and video material available online at http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/onlinemediamenu.html
Internet Talk Radio - archived lectures online at http://museum.media.org/radio/; the National Press Club lectures (http://town.hall.org/radio/Club/) would be good for advanced students
BrainPop - science, math, and technology activities, including up to three videos per day, for grades 4-12 at www.brainpop.com. Must be viewed online.
Sound files - some useful as sound effects: http://www.soundcentral.com/

For students - most effective with some teacher help

Dave’s ESL Cafe - http://www.eslcafe.com/ - quizzes, discussion groups, many interactive activities.
ESL Independent Study Lab - www.lclark.edu/~krauss/toppicks/toppicks.html - ESL links described and categorized by level and topic to make it easier for students to select appropriate ones. It still works best if a teacher makes specific recommendations and follows up.
ESL Study Hall - gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~gwvcusas/ - links are described and organized by skill area.
Internet TESL Journal sites for students - http://a4esl.org/ - interactive quizzes for students
Randall’s Cyber ESL Lab - http://esl-lab.com/ - some very nice listening exercises; sort through to find the best ones for your students

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