Workshops for Qatari Teachers

Presented by Deborah Healey March 23-26, 2002

Plenary: Do Teachers + Technology = Good Pedagogy?

Bibliography and webliography

English for Children: Using Online Resources

A sampling of useful sites from the resource list
Key questions when examining websites and software:
What is this designed to do?
What types of students can benefit?
What pre- and post-activities would be appropriate?
How could this be integrated into the classroom?
Creating lesson plans that use online resources
Mini-lesson on numbers (Bonus: sample lessons on shapes and Roman numerals)
Sample lesson plan - "c" sounds
Small group work and large group sharing

Websites for teachers of EFL/ESL children

How Typical Productivity Tools Can Enhance Teaching and Learning

Introduction - what do you have? What do you know now?
Tips for using Microsoft Word
Templates (File menu - New - click on the appropriate tab)
Newsletter, resume, memo, letter wizard, creating your own
Find more online at
Formatting: borders, spacing control, styles
Adding artwork
Built-in clip art
More online at Microsoft's Design Gallery Live
Graphics from a file (CDs with 750,000 images and more...)
Shapes, arrows, lines
Customizing grammar
Inserting comments
Tracking changes
Using AutoSummarize

Bonus: The five-minute web page

Tips for using Microsoft PowerPoint

For teacher presentations - training
For student speeches - generic, recommending, reporting, selling
Moving information between PowerPoint and Word

Online to Offline: Improving Classroom Lessons

A sampling of online resources: some useful websites from the resource list
Questions to ask:
What is this web page designed to do?
What types of students can benefit?
How could this be integrated into the classroom?
Creating handouts
Finding text and graphics
Crossword puzzle makers
Creating web pages for online or offline use
Netscape Composer (free)
Hot Potatoes (free for education) - create various exercises
Save as HTML to create a web page from Microsoft Word

Sample lessons: Australia
Exercise for Tom and Tariq reading from the textbook
Follow-up: Kangaroo information, grammar quiz 1 and quiz 2
More advanced: Find a place to live in an online Australian newspaper or give a weather report from information in the newspaper
Create a model using this lesson plan
Try some Hot Potatoes exercises
Discussion and sharing
Questions: how might you enhance lessons with online resources?
What are the pros and cons of using these tools?

Websites for resources

Tips for Better Web Searches

The key question: How can you find good information online?
Some helpful vocabulary
Types of search engines
Keyword searches
Subject searches
Metasearch engines
Comparisons at
Boolean operators and phrase markers:  And, Or, Not
Expanding and reducing search terms
Finding authoritative sources (see Evaluating Sources)
Sample searches
Discussion and sharing
Types of searches you are likely to do
Can you trust online information?

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