Chinese New Year

by Nurul Ahmad

In my ESL class, there is a girl from China. She sits next to me. Her name is Shelly You. In February, she celebrated the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is a very important day for Chinese people. On this day, the Chinese have a big dinner with all of their family.This is one of the days when they have a family reunion.

Usually, Chinese buy new clothes that are special for this day. Most of them wear red clothes. There is also a special fruit that the Chinese serve for this day: The Mandarin Orange. This orange is very tasty and sweet. There is also a special dance for this day: The Dragon Dance. This kind of dance is very interesting. We can see this dance in Chinese New Year or in other important ceremonies. These are some of the things that I've learned about the Chinese New Year.

Last updated May 14, 1997 by Nurul Ahmad.