Gun Control Bookmarks [Note: these links may no longer be accurate]

balanced views

General Accounting Office report about the Brady Law
Your task: Skim this document, looking for the subheads that show a section of possible interest. Don't read the text, just look at the headings.
Some ideas about how to organize your information gathering and possible topics. Which of these topics would you choose?

pro control

Are there common themes in these articles? What are their main arguments?

The Firearms Policy Journal
A list of articles in favor of gun control. Try to find ones with references.
The Gunfree Site
Rabble: Crime & Gun Control
This is from an interview with Noam Chomsky. He talks about several things, including gun control. This article is difficult to read, but presents an interesting perspective on what government should and shouldn't do.

anti control

Which articles here are supported by evidence?

NRA-ILA Research & Information Division
Information from the NRA. What does NRA stand for?
Ten Myths About Gun Control
Your task: list the ten myths. Does the author give facts to support the point of view here?
the National Center for Policy Analysis
Jeffrey Snyder's A Nation of Cowards (adv)
The Racist Roots of Gun Control
Crime, Deterrence Study
Does this site have references?
Crime, Deterrence Study
This is another site with the same study as the one above.
Heartland Policy Study: Taking Aim at Gun Control
Does this site have references?

unbalanced views

These are interesting to read, but you need to think about where their information is coming from. They are not trying to be objective at all. Some of these people are VERY passionate about guns. Some of their comments you may find offensive.

Firearms & Liberty - list of sources
SECOND THOUGHTS:The Web Page for the Armed
The False Promise of Gun Control
The FAQ list
Items from a newsgroup, so the writing style is more like speech than like writing. People are responding to other people, so watch the > signs to see who is saying what.
Arguments Against Further Gun Control
Who is the author? What position does he hold?