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Technology Tip of the Month

December, 1995: Mailing Lists

by Deborah Healey

If you have e-mail, helpful suggestions from other teachers can be just a message away. You can subscribe to a "mailing list" of those in your field and read several messages a day on items of interest. If you have a question, you can post a message to the whole group at once. It's a good idea to read the messages for a few days so that you can get a feel for the topics of interest to the group, as well as the group's level of expertise.
Here are a few addresses for mailing lists of interest to ESL/EFL and foreign language teachers. To subscribe, just send a message to the appropriate address below. In the body of the message, put

SUBSCRIBE {listname} {your first name} {your last name}
For example, if Jane Doe wanted to join TESL-L, her message would be:


Mailing lists

BRAS-NET: Brazilian students network (in Portuguese)
Send a message to
Say SUB BRAS-NET {your first name} {your last name}
CAUSERIE: French discussion group (in French)
Send a message to
Say SUB CAUSERIE {your first name} {your last name}
FLTEACH: Discussion list for high school and college foreign language teachers
Send a message to
Say SUB FLTEACH {your first name} {your last name}
FRENCHTALK: Discussion group in French
Send a message to
Say SUBSCRIBE FRENCHTALK {your first name} {your last name}
INTER-L: Set up by NAFSA: Association of International Educators for those who deal with international students in the US and American students in study abroad programs. Good information on visa issues.
Send a message to
SAY sub INTER-L {your first name} {your last name}
LANGIT: Discussione Centri Linguistic Italiani (in Italian)
Send a message to
Say SUB LANGIT {your first name} {your last name}
LLTI: Language Learning and Technology International Information Forum--for ESL, EFL, and foreign language teachers
Send a message to
Say SUB LLTI {your first name} {your last name}
LTEST-L: Language Testing Research and Practice
Send a message to
Say SUB LTEST-L {your first name} {your last name}
MEXICO-L: News and discussion of Mexican issues (Spanish and English)
Send a message to
Say SUB MEXICO-L {your first name} {your last name}
NETEACH-L: for Internet-using language teachers
Send a message to
SAY SUBSCRIBE NETEACH-L {your first name} {your last name}
More information is online at
NIHONGO: Japanese language list
Send a message to
Say SUB NIHONGO {your first name} {your last name}
RIBO-L: German/English discussion group
Send a message to
Say SUB RIBO-L {your first name} {your last name}
RUSSIAN: Russian language issues (in Russian and English)
Send a message to LISTSERV@asuacad.bitnet
Say SUB RUSSIAN {your first name} {your last name}
SLART-L: Second Language Acquisition Research and Teaching
Send a message to
Say SUB SLART-L {your first name} {your last name}
TECH-ED: Set up by NAFSA for technology users in the area of international education, primarily international student advisors and study abroad directors
Send a message to
Say subscribe TECH-ED {your first name} {your last name} {your institution}
Make sure the word 'subscribe' is in lowercase and that you don't have a signature file at the end of your message for best results.
TESL-L: For teachers of English as a second or foreign language
Send a message to
Say SUB TESL-L {your first name} {your last name}

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If you have questions, comments, or for more information, contact Deborah Healey, dhealey AT uoregon DOT edu
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