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February 1999: Information about Software

by Deborah Healey and Norm Johnson

Norm Johnson and I have just finished putting together the 1999 TESOL CALL Interest Section Software List, and looking for software evaluations is part of that task. Here are a few places to look online for information about software, along with some of Norm's comments about the review sites.

Review Sites Chorus Online Reviews

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A few reviews, as well as a number of other resources for ESL teachers.

DigiEnglish Software Reviews

This site contains a collection of evaluations of 13 software titles prepared by ESL students at the University of Washington in Seattle. Each of the 13 titles reviewed here was tested by 3 students and their averaged marks are reflected in the evaluation.

ESL Linc: Computer Resources for ESL

This site contains reviews of 275 software titles used in ESL instruction in Canada. Each review contains a 1-2 paragraph description followed by an assessment of the software of similar length and an overall rating. Each listing concludes with detailed information on the publisher of the software.

Richard Chantril's Website: Selected Software Reviews online

Richard's website has links to 8 CALL software reviews that have been published on the Internet in various online journals such as TESL-EJ and On-CALL. He also has links to other small review sites.

Technology & Learning Online: Searchable Software Reviews (Online)

This site offers comparative reviews of similar products. Each review includes a product description and publisher information along with links to related articles and web sites.

CALL-IS Software List

The List itself is online, with links to publishers and an alphabetical listing of software.We'd love to have you add titles and comments via the online form. A searchable database is coming soon (with a Tech Tip on using databases on the web to follow shortly). Look for the List at and on the CALL-IS website at You should be able to purchase a print copy of the 1999 TESOL CALL-IS Software List sometime after March, 1999 -- good for those who, like me, would rather grab a book for a quick look than fire up the computer.

Getting Started

If you're looking for a more selective, limited listing, try the CAELL Journal article Norm and I wrote, called "A Place to Start in Selecting Software." It's online at and discussed in the Tech Tip for March, 1998.


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If you have questions, comments, or for more information, contact Deborah Healey, dhealey AT uoregon DOT edu
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