Here are a few vocabulary items to help you get through the Tech Tip this month. They're helpful words to know for general Web use, as well.
cgi program
A special file that is written in a programming language such as C++ or Perl. It's stored in a special directory and is usually not something that you can download.
Take a file from the host computer and put it on your computer.
Hypertext Markup Language. These are the special codes that you add to a text file in order to make it look good on a Web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer.
Text with graphics and possibly sound, animation, and video.
A specially-marked word or phrase (underlined and/or a different color, usually) that you can click on to go to another place. Graphics can also be links. You clicked on different links to get here.
Move around on the Web by clicking on specially-marked words, phrases, or graphics (links).
On the computer, but not connected to the Internet.
Connected to the Internet, either through the phone line (a dialup connection) or directly with cables.
source file
The file with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) codes in it that Netscape or another Web browser interprets to display in a formatted way.
Web browser
A program that interprets HTML codes to display a file in a specially-formatted way. Common Web browsers include the graphical Netscape, Mosaic, and Internet Explorer and the plain text Lynx.

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