CALL for Newcomers

Deborah Healey, Oregon State University

Susanne McLaughlin, Roosevelt University

Needs assessment

Why use CALL?

Making the most of the Web

Teacher resources: Internet

“Social Web” – Web 2.0

Teacher resources: Software

Lab use

Software and Internet sites for individual or whole-group use
– Start by modeling appropriate use
– Consider a teacher-control lab setup
– Good to have first-time use with the teacher if Ss will work alone later
Writing and pre-writing help
– Group discussion sites like
Course management system (,

One-computer classroom
Whole-class and individual resources
- Presentation with LCD panel
– SmartBoard with whole group
– Resource center for individuals and small groups
– Simulations (Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail)
– CD-ROM references

One-computer classroom: Internet
Audio/video: Show, then normal activities: bbc, cnn; English Insight -
5-minute quiz fun – choose the quiz ahead of time and just have fun:
Reference information: or for the teacher

Independent use
Open lab hours and at home
– Clear instructions
– Objectives to meet + outcomes to achieve
– Record-keeping method
Internet sites for students:
Software with record-keeping
Class and individual web pages or blogs
Last edited: 2 April 2008
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