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CALL-IS Academic Session: The Emergent Role of Educators in E-Learning Environments

Panel: Rita Abdelnour, Deborah Healey, Leslie Opp-Beckman, Karen Price, Joan Kang Shin with Suzan

How are the roles of educators and participants in e-learning environments evolving? What are some effective strategies for establishing and managing an individual’s e-presence in online communities? Presenters discuss their experiences, research, and observations in this dynamic area, drawing on their work with remote, on-site, and hybrid ESOL populations.

SPLIS-CALL Intersection: Can Oral Skills and Pronunciation Be Taught Effectively Online?

Creating a Hybrid IGTA Oral Skills Course - presentation materials and information about the course are on the related web page.

Panel: Deborah Healey, Holly Gray, Kathi Cennamo with Robert Elliott as moderator

CALL for Newcomers

With John Madden. Learn CALL basics from experts and enhance your teaching with computer resources at this hands-on workshop.

Related web page with links.

Transcending Technical Limitations in Distance Learning

With Char Heitman and Robert Elliott

Video, audio, and Web 2.0 applications are wonderful tools in distance learning. In Iraq, power and Internet outages are frequent and persistent, and general bandwidth limitations preclude large downloads, including most video, for most computer users. This session will offer some suggestions for creating effective online courses without much bandwidth.

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CALL Electronic Village

Ask the Experts session co-coordinator with Susan Gaer. Visit the EV site on the CALL-IS moodle.


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