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Enhancing subject-area expertise via the Internet

Deborah Healey

English Language Institute , Oregon State University

See a description of the workshop in Catalan

Activities and Objectives: Morning Session 1100-1300

Activities and Objectives: Afternoon Session 1500-1800

Recommended Readings

Bell, Steven (2001). Web-Based Utilities for Learning and Collaboration in the Classroom: http://www.syllabus.com/article.asp?id=4146
This short article describes some free and low-cost software and websites with tools to enhance online learning.

Chickering, Arthur W. and Stephen C. Ehrmann (1996). Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever: http://www.tltgroup.org/programs/seven.html
This article discusses how technology can be used to help implement the "seven principles" for good practice in undergraduate education, including contact between faculty and students, cooperation among students, active learning, and prompt feedback.

Carnevale, Dan (2002). A Virtual Laboratory Simulates Physics Experiments: http://chronicle.com/free/2002/12/2002121601t.htm
This short article describes virtual physics. It would be of interest to other disciplines that use lab work.

Michelich, Virginia (2002). Streaming Media to Enhance Teaching and Improve Learning: http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=941
This short article describes a biology case study.

Dede, Christopher. The Role of Emerging Technologies for Knowledge Mobilization, Dissemination, and Use in Education: http://www.virtual.gmu.edu/ss_pdf/knowlmob.pdf
This longer article is based on research done for the US Department of Education. It gives a good overview of how technology can be used in ways that enhance pedagogy. It requires the use of Acrobat Reader .

See a description in Catalan of the recommended readings (the readings are in English)

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