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Deborah Healey

This was originally part of the 2000 Culpeper Workshop at the University of Puget Sound. The links have not been updated.

Consider: What purpose does a quiz serve? How should quizzes be structured to achieve a desired end? Are crossword puzzles useful to anyone besides language teachers? 

Try it: Take a look at the following English language teaching quizzes, and see which are more useful and interactive:

dot Geography http://www.pacificnet.net/~sperling/quiz/geo4.html 
dot Body parts http://www.aitech.ac.jp/~iteslj/quizzes/vm/m-body.html 
dotIdioms http://www.aitech.ac.jp/~iteslj/quizzes/9807/km-animalidioms.html (pull down to see answers) 
dothttp://www.pacificnet.net/~sperling/quiz/cw1.html (click and check when done) 
dot http://www.aitech.ac.jp/~iteslj/quizzes/js/dt/mc-2000-01syn.html (click and check each one)
dothttp://www.aitech.ac.jp/~iteslj/quizzes/js/ck/ed-caps.html (type in answers)
dot http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/elc/studyzone/200/reading/smicat1.htm
dot http://www.aitech.ac.jp/~itesls/sp/

Try it: Creating your own quizzes and crossword puzzles

Consider: beyond quizzing - some other directions for interactivity

dot SchMOOze (http://schmooze.hunter.cuny.edu:8888/)
dot Randall's ESL Listening Lab (http://www.esl-lab.com/)
dot CALL@Chorus.com (http://www-writing.berkeley.edu/chorus/call/cuttingedge.html

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