Deborah Healey's Attic : PAD Retreat

Growing Connections in a Networked World

Outline and Resources

Personal communication tools

iPad: - bigger than an iPhone
Blackberry: - email and phone
Yahoo Messenger: - 1 or a few
Skype: - voice and video for 1 or a few

Group communication

Yahoo groups: - email, photos, files
Google groups: - group communication
Nicenet: - online discussion - text only (no viruses!)
Voxopop: - online discussion by voice (recorded)

Communication in the "cloud"

Twitter: - short and quick
Blogger: - chronological ideas and comments by others
Wiki/website with Google Sites: - one author or many

Keeping up with the news

Facebook wall
iGoogle: - your personal collection of news
CNN: - text, video
World newspapers:

Media choices

YouTube: - 10 minute limit; global audience
Vimeo: - can set permissions to view
Podcasts with Podomatic: - free site
Audacity: - create recordings easily

Internet statistics

Number of IP addresses:
Number of websites, from Netcraft: 01/16/january_2009_web_server_survey.html
Number of new websites daily:

Sources of information

TESOL Technology Standards:
RSS feeds and Google Reader:
Nik's Technology Blog:
Larry Ferlazzo's Blog:

Sources of community

Webheads in action:
Electronic Village Online:
E-Teacher courses:
Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web:
Shaping the Way We Teach English:


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