A Few Suggested Links

(among the very many available!)

Compiled by Deborah Healey

For all teachers

Tech Tip of the Month - https://deborahhealey.com/techtip.html - my collection of advice on various topics for computer- and Internet-using teachers
Activities to set up
Keypals for students from Kenji Kitao - http://www1.doshisha.ac.jp/~kkitao/online/www/keypal.htm
Nicenet for online discussion - http://www.nicenet.org - free; includes online discussion, calendar
Action Mazes - https://deborahhealey.com/ups/actionmaze.html; some example mazes are at http://www.halfbakedsoftware.com/quandary_tutorials_examples.php
Find an interesting mailing list: CataList (professional lists) or http://www.liszt.com/, or create your own list at YahooGroups, http://groups.yahoo.com/
Hot Potatoes for creating exercises - http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/hotpot/
Babelfish - http://babelfish.yahoo.com/ - translate phrases or whole web sites, then have students find the mistakes
E.L. Easton's vast compendium of links - lots of good links for language teachers, including http://eleaston.com/materials.html and http://eleaston.com/spanish.html
University of Victoria's Language Teaching Clipart Library - about 3000 images for basic vocabulary, designed to be culturally neutral
Barry Bakin's ESL Action Photos - available only for educational use, these are photos depicting basic actions
Clip Art Searcher at http://www.webplaces.com/search/
Clip Art Connection for searchable images at http://www.clipartconnection.com/
Lots of animated graphics at http://www.webplaces.com/html/animations.htm - these are only good viewed on a web page or in a PowerPoint presentation so you can see the motion

Mostly for ESL teachers

Online Writing Lab at Purdue - http://owl.english.purdue.edu/ - lots of webpages/handouts related to writing
SchoolExpress - http://schoolexpress.com/ - lesson plans, software: find ones that will work for adults as well as for children
Internet TESL Journal - http://iteslj.org/ - articles for teachers, quizzes for students
Linguistic Funland - http://www.tesol.net/ - resources for teachers, including articles and job listings
CALL Interest Section Software List - http://www.eltexpert.com/softlist/ - get information about software from a searchable database
Magazine articles - http://www.magatopia.com/ - plenty of good reading to choose from!
Sample page from ELI162 - https://deborahhealey.com/162/index.html - Advanced Reading/Writing with a substantial online component

Audio and video resources

UC Berkeley’s Media Resource Center has some of their audio and video material available online at http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/onlinemedia.html
Internet Talk Radio - archived lectures online at http://museum.media.org/radio/; the National Press Club lectures (http://town.hall.org/radio/Club/) would be good for advanced students
Sound files - some useful as sound effects: http://www.soundcentral.com/

For ESL students - most effective with some teacher help

Internet TESL Journal sites for students - http://a4esl.org/ - interactive quizzes for students
Dave’s ESL Cafe - http://www.eslcafe.com/ - quizzes, discussion groups, many interactive activities
Randall’s Cyber ESL Lab - http://esl-lab.com/ - some very nice listening exercises; sort through to find the best ones for your students
1-Language.com - http://www.1-language.com - a new, non-commercial site with streaming audio, texts, worksheets, quizzes, and games. Quizzes and other material are sorted by type, but not by student proficiency level. Of particular interest is the Korean version of the home page, with explanations of the menu items in Korean.
The Learning Edge - http://thewclc.ca/edge/ - an audio magazine for ESL/EFL
ESL Independent Study Lab - http://www.lclark.edu/~krauss/toppicks/toppicks.html - ESL links described and categorized by level and topic to make it easier for students to select appropriate ones. It still works best if a teacher makes specific recommendations and follows up.
ESL Gold - http://www.eslgold.com - student links by skill area and level; links to teacher tools, as well

For Spanish teachers

Terra site with many activities - http://www.terra.es/ - news, sports, horoscopes, search engine for Spanish sites, and more
Don Quixote - online courses (commercial) plus many free activities at http://www.donquijote.org/free/
Spanish search engine - espanol.yahoo.com
Grupo de Estructuras de Datos y Linguistica Computational - http://www.gedlc.ulpgc.es/ - use this to find word derivations and conjugations, as well as links to computational linguistics in Spanish. Good for teachers or advanced students.
EL Easton's site with links - http://eleaston.com/spanish.html - this includes links to exercises that go with textbooks. Some of the other selections are below and in the For Spanish Students section:
El Dia de los Muertos webquest - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/6177/muertos.html
Hispanic culture webquest - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/6676/

For Spanish students

Spanish grammar tutorial - http://www.studyspanish.com/tutorial.htm
Vocabulary exercises - http://www.vokabel.com/
Free basic-level multimedia Spanish course - no registration required. Additional exercises are planned in future. - http://www.mansionspanish.com/
Self-study Spanish with vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation exercises - http://www.studyspanish.com/
Another Spanish language site with vocabulary and grammar work; this also includes a "Spanish for travelers'" section - http://www.learnspanishfeelgood.com

From EL Easton’s Spanish site:

Self-placement test - http://www.allspanish.net/allspanish/test/
A variety of quizzes, all in Spanish - http://www.indiana.edu/~call/ejercicios.html
Quizzes on Spanish grammar - http://www.trinity.edu/mstroud/grammar/
Hangman (with JavaScript, so slow) - http://www.sonic.net/~star/juliana.html
La Familia - http://cvc.cervantes.es/aula/matdid/vocabulario/familia/
Crucigramas - http://www.elmundo.es/pasatiempos/crucigramas/

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