Deborah Healey's Attic : Internet Possibilities

Internet Possibilities


by Deborah Healey

Here are some sites with teaching resources to explore.

What could you use in your curriculum? What do you need in order to use one or more of these?

Quick links

Email - online projects - blogging

Graphics - More classroom material
Effective Web use
Web searching - Writing - Listening - Pronunciation
Sites with many links - Sites by skill and level
Other online material - Content-based class material - Learning styles
Authoring exercises - Creating web sites - Web hosting
Digital sound and video - Other possibilities to explore

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Communicating: Email, projects, blogging
Mail at Yahoo! - or Google
Catalist lists at - search for mailing lists
iEARN at - teachers find email partners and global projects to join
Blogger at - an online discussion area and diary

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Language -ESL Action Photos at
Language Teaching Clipart Library at
General - (free to use without attribution); (use with attribution)
More classroom material
Word and PowerPoint Templates at the Office Template Gallery at
Song lyrics -; (search by artist, song, or phrase)

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Effective Web use

Finding authoritative sources at and

Google Advanced Search tips at
Writing sites
Online Writing Lab at
My site at
Writing activities for teachers to use at
Some suggestions for English for Engineering at
Listening sites
My listening (and speaking/pronunciation) site at
Randall's Cyber ESL Lab,
Business news podcasts at - use an app for these
Pronunciation sites

Eva Easton at - videos and activities

My pronunciation (and listening/speaking) site at
BBC phonics site (for children) at
Sites with teacher (and student) links
British Council English site for teachers at and for children at
Read-Write-Think at - designed for elementary and secondary teachers in the US, but lots of good links to lesson plans and web resources by grade level
ManyThings from Charles Kelly at
One Stop English from Macmillan at
Free online activities by skill and level
Randall's Cyber ESL Lab, - listening
ESL Study Hall at
ITESL-J student activities at
Other online activities
Real English online (video and audio) at
Grammar hint of the day via email at
Word of the Day via email at or
BreakingNewsEnglish offers graded news and many related activities at
Class content
MIT online at
Digital libraries with free material (Deborah's list) at
Learning styles and multiple intelligences
Learning styles inventory to print at
Learning styles self-test at
Multiple Intelligence Inventory at
MI inventory to print out at

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Authoring tools
Hot Potatoes at
PuzzleMaker at - a variety of puzzles; store them online
Web creation
Google sites at - classic version allows you to use HTML; new version doesn't
WebQuest site at
WebQuest templates at
WebQuest help at
Link checker at - online tool that checks one page at a time
Online surveys at and Google Forms at
Free website hosting
Google sites at
Digital video and sound
English Insight - videos and exercises to download at
RealEnglish Online at
Copyright-free films at Moving Image Archive:
Interesting but complicated
Webheads at - this group has several online sites; they've been meeting and offering support since 1987
SchMOOze at - a MOO designed for English learners

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