Deborah Healey's Attic : Suggested Readings

Suggested Readings for Technology-Using Teachers

  Compiled by Deborah Healey - 2006
Bates, T. (2000). Teaching, learning and the impact of multimedia technologies. Available at
A discussion about how multimedia affects teaching and learning.

Bell, Steven (2001). Web-Based Utilities for Learning and Collaboration in the Classroom. Available at
This short article describes some free and low-cost software and websites with tools to enhance online learning.

Boswood, T. (Ed.) (1997). New ways of using computers in language teaching. Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
An easy-to-use reference with teacher-friendly suggestions.

Bradin, C. (2004) Planning a language resource center. Available at
Helpful links for those creating a computer-enhanced language resource center.

Chickering, Arthur W. and Stephen C. Ehrmann (1996). Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever
How technology can be used to help implement the "seven principles" for good practice in education.

Egbert. J. (2005). CALL essentials: Principles and practice in CALL classrooms. Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
Both theoretical and practical information.

Egbert, J. and Hanson-Smith, E. (Eds.) (1999). CALL environments: Research, practice, and critical issues. Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
Good articles; watch for a new version coming out later this year.

Esmonde-White, P. (n.d.). Multimedia tips: Presentation power. Available at
Useful and practical tips.

Healey, D. & Johnson, N. (updated 2005) A place to start in selecting software. Online at
Suggestions about planning software purchases and recommendations for English language teaching software.

Internet TESL Journal. Available at https:/
Good articles and lesson plans for teachers; see also the related site for students at

Easton, E.L. (2005) The Language Classroom: Keypals. Available at
Extensive links related to finding and using email pen pals.

Meskill, C. (2002). Teaching and learning in real time: Media, technologies and language acquisition. Houston: Athelstan.
Not just about computers, but technology use in general in the language classroom.

Warschauer, M., Meloni, C., & Shetzer, H. (2001). Internet for English Teaching. Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
An updated version of Mark Warschauer's 1995 Email for English Teaching.

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