Computer and Internet Tools for Elementary and Secondary Teachers

Deborah Healey, 2001 ORTESOL Conference

Types of computer tools

Software - freeware and shareware

Kids Domain at - lots of programs to download. Start by clicking on Language Arts (either PC or Mac), then select by age. Here are a few recommendations to start with:


Beginning and Intermediate

Intermediate and Advanced

Hot Potatoes - download at - free authoring program. You can easily make a wide range of exercises, including multiple choice with a reading (timed or not), crossword puzzles, gap-filling, and matching. You can use sound and graphics as well as text in these. The program turns your exercise into a webpage that students can use either on the Internet or just from a floppy disk. What's even better is to have the students create the exercises as practice for each other.

Commercial software

See "A Place to Start in Selecting Software" at for suggestions. Preview before you purchase and make sure there is a place the software fits in the curriculum.


Compilations for K-12 websites

See sample lesson plans

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