The Accident

by Gabriel González Silva

I remember last year just after classes started, I was going from my home to school on my bike. I was riding my bike on the sidewalk of Willamette and 22nd Street, when a car was coming over the hill. It was a woman with her mother next to her. At the stop sign, she stopped her car but she looked on one side but not on the other side where I was coming. Then I saw the car, but I thought that the car was waiting until I crossed the street but I was wrong. The woman continued until she hit me with her car, then she stopped her car very fast. She got out of her car then she asked me "Are you okay?" I said "Yes." She took my bike out of the street.

The women gave me a ride to school and she told the principal that I was late because she hit me with her car. The rest of the day I had a pain in my elbow and knee but I went to all of my classes anyway.

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Last updated May 29, 1997