The Cosmopolitan*

The Cosmopolitan Staff and Friends

A Publication of the ESL Students

of South Eugene High School

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Thanks to IHS for letting us use the computer lab.

Table of Contents




Rumors and Truth

How different things can be

Jong (Joey) W. Lim

Where is the Cafeteria?

Some new customs

Rashmi Bhakta


Getting people to be quiet

Heari Lim

Let's Go To Karaoke!

Life for teens in Korea

Heari Lim

The Accident

Getting hit by a car

Gabriel Gonzalez Silva

Class is Over

A problem with missing class

Mei Asari

Study, Study, Study

Why American high school students have it easy

Heari Lim

ESL Class Cartoon

Jong (Joey) W. Lim


A painful experience

Mei Asari

My Beloved Country, Malaysia

A good place to visit

Nurul Ahmad

Clothes from four countries

Heari Lim

Chinese New Year

A Chinese custom

Nurul Ahmad


A funny mistake

Rashmi Bhakta

Gimme Five Cartoon

Mei Asari

My Grandmother

Family life

Heari Lim

Survey of SEHS Students

Answers to important questions

Heari Lim

Scary Story Cartoon

Jong (Joey) W. Lim

First day of school

A first-time experience

Mei Asari

Ocean Brother

Family names

Rashmi Bhakta

Como te llamas?

Starting at South

Gabriel Gonzalez Silva

'Th' Cartoon

Jong (Joey) W. Lim

My Mother

Family life

Shelly You


Proverbs from different places



The Newsletter Story



Editor - Rashmi Bhakta
Graphic Editor - Jong W. Lim
Graphic Artists - Mei Asari, Heari Lim, Nurul Ahmad
Reporter - Heari Lim
Contributors - Gabriel Gonzalez Silva, Shelly You, Heari Lim, Mei Asari, Nurul Ahmad, Rashmi Bhakta, Jong W. Lim
Assistance - Rebekah Averette, Carrie Brogoitti, Erika Guiney, Aaron Ramsey, Chris Turek
Faculty Advisor - Joyce Wade
Production Advisor - Deborah Healey

* cosmopolitan: adj., n.; --adj. 1 a of, from, or knowing many parts of the world. b consisting of people from many or all parts. 2 free from national limitations or prejudices. --n. 1 a cosmopolitan person.

[Gk kosmopolites f. kosmos world + polites citizen]

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