Where is the Cafeteria?

by Rashmi Bhakta

The first day of my school was in Devine, Texas. I was in 7th grade. I felt like a small fish in a large pond, I felt alone because I saw everybody was sitting individually. I was surprised because in India we seat three girls at each desk. First, the teacher introduced me to the class, then she told me what we were doing in class and she helped me with my assignment because I didn't understand English very well.

I didn't know that we had to go to cafeteria for lunch, so the teacher told me to go to cafeteria. I was surprised because we eat lunch in our classroom in India. I didn't make friends on the first day of school but after a week or so I made four friends. The first day of school was very surprising.

The main thing I saw about U.S. schools is that there is a lot of freedom in the schools and we have to change classes. We don't have to buy books and boys and girls are not separated. In the U.S. we take many small tests, but we do not take entrance exams.

Probably the most striking difference between Taj Majal India and The United States is that in India we learn our subjects in three languages. We have to learn Hindi and Gujarati, which is my own language. In India there are different states and different languages. We also learn English from the 3rd grade onwards. We study Math, Science, Geography, Civics, History, Drawing and P.E. We don't have to change classes. Instead the teacher comes to us. Boys and girls are separated, boys' seats on one side of the classroom and girls' seats on other side of the classroom. We take an entrance exam to go to college. In India we have two different kinds of school, Gujarati schools and English schools.

I think I like both school systems, in India and in the U.S. but I like the schools system in the U.S. better. I think it depends on how the country is developed. India is not a well developed country so it doesn't have good equipment and other things in school, but The United States is a well developed country so it has many things in school.

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Last updated May 29, 1997.