My Beloved Country, Malaysia

by Nurul Ahmad

Malaysia is a small country in South East Asia. It is located between Singapore in the South and Thailand on the North. There are thirteen states in Malaysia. The biggest is 'Sarawak' and the smallest is 'Perlis'. The capital city of Malaysia is 'Kuala Lumpur' that is located near 'Selangor' and 'Pahang.'

Malaysia is a tropical country and has very different weather than America's. It is humid and there is a lot of rain. The temperature is always constant. It is between 90 and 93 degrees throughout the year.

The population in Malaysia consists of three major races. They are Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Malay language is the national language and English is the second language. Other languages are Chinese and Indian. Most Malaysians are Muslim and most women wear a scarf over their head. The scarf is called "tudung".

More than half of Malaysia consists of forests. There are some 'National Parks' which are forest reserves where tourists can come to have recreation. These are some of the most interesting places you can find in Malaysia. There are also a lot of mountains in Malaysia. The highest mountain in South East Asia is located in Malaysia. It is called Mount Kinaballu. As the landscape in Malaysia is hilly, we can find many waterfalls there. It is very beautiful, and the water is very clean and cold.

Malaysia is surrounded by seas. On the East is the South China Sea, and on the west is the Indian Ocean. The sea is very beautiful and clean. The most popular sea resorts are Rantau Abang in Terengganu, Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Kelantan , and many more.


When I lived in Malaysia, my family and I used to go to these places. The place I like most is the waterfall near the village of Kelantan where my grandparents live and my parents were born. As my village is about twelve hours journey from my home in Kuala Lumpur, I usually visited there during holidays. Once there, we usually had a picnic and we also swam. These are the things that I enjoy most.

Although I've been in the U.S.A. for only four months, I've started to miss my country, Malaysia. I miss the sunny weather that always makes me active and full of energy. I also miss my friends and my beloved relatives. The thing that I miss most is the wonderful surroundings in Malaysia. For me, Malaysia is a very great country. It is a good country for tourists to visit.


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Last updated May 29, 1997