"Let's Go To Karaoke!"

by Heari Lim

My country Korea is a small country, located near Japan. We have a very old history. Seoul is the capital of Korea. There are many people and lots of buildings and shopping malls in Seoul. The streets are very complicated and we always have traffic problems. I think Seoul is a beautiful and really popular and fashionable city. There are lots of places to have fun, like Video rooms, and Karaoke. When I was in Korea, I liked to go to Karaoke with my friends.

There are many green mountains in Seoul. Summer is very, very hot and fall is cool, the winter is very cold and there is lots of snow. Koreans eat rice every day and like spicy food.

Korean schools are very difficult, especially high schools. Most Koreans think college is really important. It is very difficult to go to college in Seoul. So we must study very hard.

Korea is famous for Tae Kwon Do. Korea had the 1988 Olympics. The Korean people love to have fun and sing in karaoke and go shopping. They also like to travel to the countryside on vacations or holidays. I think Korea has a lot of population and traffic problems. But I think it's a wonderful country.

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Last updated May 29, 1997