Study, Study, Study

by Heari Lim

My first school in the U.S. was Canyonville Bible Academy. It was a boarding school in southern Oregon. I lived in a dorm. The boys and girls ate meals together and had classes together. In Korea students also go to the same school, but we have different classes. We also eat meals in the classrooms. In the U.S. students change their classes, but in Korea teachers move from class to class.

Here at South Eugene High School many students skip their classes and do not do their homework. But in Korea we never think about skipping classes or not doing homework because our teachers might hit us. If students skip classes it is a very serious problem. The parents might come to school and talk with the teacher. In the U.S. schools students have more freedom. The teachers are not strict with students.

In the U.S. students don't have to wear uniforms. Starting in junior and high school, Korean students must have short hair and wear no makeup or jewelry. In Korea after school , the students can wear regular clothes, but they must be neat and careful because teachers might see them. If Korean students wear really long, baggy pants that are cut with scissors, they will get in trouble.

In Korean high schools, we don't have dances or parties, but we have more than two festivals a year. We also have many kinds of clubs. Students are always studying on the weekends. Some students, especially seniors, only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep because they must study so they can get into college. The libraries are crowded with students. Many students go to "Academy" after school to learn more and get higher grades. Instead American students play sports or have music lessons after school.

I like U.S. schools because we have more freedom. I can wear whatever clothes I want, I can wear jewelry and makeup and I can go out at lunch time.

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Last updated May 29, 1997