What we learned working on The Cosmopolitan

by the Newsletter Staff

I learned more about other cultures. I also learned how to co-operate with all of my classmates. This is a good experience. - Nurul Syuhada Ahmad

I learned that if we join forces on things we'll learn more new things and we'll know more about other cultures. - Mei Asari

I worked hard to let people know more about other countries and their cultures. I want to thank my teacher Joyce and the volunteers. I also want to say to ESL friends Gabriel, Shelly, Mei, Nurul, Rashmi, and Joey who worked hard on this newsletter, "Good job you guys!" - Heari Lim

I enjoyed working with my classmates and typing their papers. It was fun. I learned a lot of things from Deborah about computers. Thank you Deborah, Joyce, and everyone who helped make our newsletter. - Rashmi Bhakta

It was fun. - Jong (Joey) W. Lim

Ditto--I had a great time doing this. - Deborah

I learned that we are an incredibly talented and creative group of people! I also saw the possibilities of technology--thank you, Deborah! -Joyce

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