SEQI English Teacher Training Project

Schedule for October 20-24

Table of Contents

October 20
October 21
October 22
October 23
October 24

October 20

8:30-10:00 Using online newspapers for reading uncontrolled material
Multi-newspaper sites
Language learning tips and lesson plans with newspapers
English language learning newspaper sites in Thailand
10:20-12:00 Using online newspapers for exercises - cloze tests, responding to job advertisements
Hot Potatoes - cloze and matching

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October 21

8:30-10:00 Using Word for brochures (downloading templates from
Finding and using online graphics - suggested sites for teachers
Microsoft Clip Art site – for Word and PowerPoint –
Language -ESL Action Photos at
Language Teaching Clipart Library at
Clip Art for Foreign Language Instruction at (search for what you want) -photos
Lesson planning with Word
10:20-12:00 Web searching - pluses and minuses
Noodle tools - search engine comparison at
Web quests
Content and copyright discussion

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October 22

8:30-10:00 Using pictures and video to stimulate story writing
CNN news at
Copyright-free short films at
Create a movie at
Real English online (video and audio) at
10:20-12:00 Online games in English
Action mazes for discussion
Interesting Things for ESL Students at
Hangman, word search, and crosswords at
Quia at
The English Maze

Active learning; role of the teacher

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October 23

8:30-10:00 Pronunciation web resources high-speed
Okanaga's English Pronunciation at
BBC phonics site (for children) at
Diphthong Calculator by Steve Chadwick at
Jim Duber's Cutting Edge CALL Demos at
More pronunciation sites
Accent Tutor Online from SpeechCom is at
Animated Alphabet at
Minimal pairs and other practice lessons at
EL Easton at
Greetings – reduction -
Linking -
Reduction -
Stress patterns -
10:20-12:00 Using songs and lyrics from the web for class activities Song lyrics (search by artist, song, or phrase)
Karaoke Jukebox at (needs QuickTime)

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October 24

8:30-10:00 Online ESL websites - how to use at least two
activities by skill and level
Michael Krauss' ESL Independent Study Lab at
ESL Study Hall at
ITESL-J student activities at
ESL Gold at - for teachers and students
Randall's Cyber ESL Lab, --focus on listening
Teachers can find good links here
British Council English site at
EL Easton at - many links within categories, but little description of each
Tereza Neves' page at - lots of Hot Potatoes exercises and links
Arlyn Freed's page at
ManyThings from Charles Kelly at
One Stop English from Macmillan at
Dave's ESL Cafe at
10:20-12:00 Using Hot Potatoes for evaluation and testing - creating multiple choice questions and matching exercises

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