Workshops in Thailand

Suranaree University

Deborah Healey


Trends in TELL


Roles of teachers and computers
One-computer classroom
Software tools (offline)
Productivity tools
  Exploring Word
  Exploring PowerPoint
Focus on the Internet
Email-based communication
MOO and Chat
World Wide Web
Web-based discussion
Finding and using information
Data-driven learning
Quizzes and exercises
Teaching aids (lesson plans and handouts to print)
Teacher and student pages
Hot Potatoes
Into the Future…
Tech trends, positive and negative
Intersection of technology and teaching

Workshops for Teachers

Using the one-computer classroom
Uses of Word
Language experience: create a text together
Insert comments on student essay; respond to comments
Track Changes - show edits
Auto Summarize
Computer-mediated communication
TESL-L and other mailing lists for teachers
Keypals - design a possible project (get help at Kenji Kitao's Keypals page)
Nicenet discussion
Useful links on the Web
Creating web pages
Using Netscape Composer
Using Word
Hot Potatoes authoring
Uploading pages to Tripod
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