Trace Effects Files

Trace Effects is a 3-D immersive computer game and related material for English language teachers created by the US Department of State in 2014 to provide additional resources to English language teachers globally. I have taught a few Trace Effects courses through the University of Oregon, funded by the US Department of State. I created this page for my participants who were having some difficulties in getting the game and material.

For those outside the US, it is best to contact your US Embassy or Consulate to ask for a copy of the Teacher's Edition. The Teacher's Edition has a CD-ROM with the game and files to use to install the game, and a DVD with the video walkthrough where you can see someone playing the game.

If you do not have access to that 2-disk set, you can download files here. Be aware: the files are quite large.

Trace Effects game in zip format (over 2 GB)

    The zip file includes the Unity game engine (you may need to install this as well)

The Video Walkthrough file in ISO format. It is over 7GB.

    Use VideoLAN's VLC to open the ISO file, or create a DVD with the ISO file.

Individual video files - these are by chapter as zip files, but they expand into the separate milestones within each chapter.

Links to YouTube videos from the video walkthrough

 A few other things from the Teacher's Edition CD-ROM:

Graphic novels in zip form

Student worksheets in zip form

Trace extension activities in zip form

Teacher's Manual in zip form