Deborah Healey's Attic : Tunisia 2010: Grammar Resources

Grammar Resources: Hands-on practice


Daily Grammar (also on Facebook):

Daily grammar blog:

Grammar Monster (also on Twitter):

Dave's ESL Cafe Grammar Lessons:

Grammar and multi-skill sites

Variety of activities

Lauri's ESL Website - grammar, vocabulary, listening exercises; grammar:

ESL Independent Study Lab - Michael Krauss:

BBC Learning English site:

Grammar challenge: - with audio (mp3 to download), tables, quizzes

Interesting Things for ESL Students (grammar activities of different kinds):

As you work on these, think about how you could explain the site to someone else and how you might use it in your class.

Mostly quizzes

Dave's ESL Cafe:

Activities for ESL Students – different quizzes, including grammar:

Lots of links, but no explanation of each link:

Save what you like on your Delicious page, with tags and comments explaining why you like it and for what kinds of classes.

Authoring exercises with Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes for cloze, multiple choice: download at



Compleat Lexical Tutor:

Google for concordancing - Grammar Safari technique:

Word tools

Word includes some options with grammar potential:

Create an activity

Working with 1-2 partners, create an activity that would use one or more of these sites. Make sure you include pre-, during- and post-computer activities. If you are using an online quiz, what will you do to help learners strengthen their understanding?

Lesson plan template


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