Deborah Healey's Attic : Tunisia Workshops 2010

Tunisia Workshop Series: University of Manouba


These workshops are sponsored by the US Department of State, in conjunction with the University of Manouba's Faculty of Letters, Arts & Humanities. Many thanks to Faiza Derbel for starting the process. The main focus is on improving use of computers in distance education as well as in face-to-face classes.


Deborah's Schedule
Day & Date
Morning Lecture: 10:30-12:30 Afternoon Hands-on Workshop: 2:00-4:30

1 Feb

(Meetings at La Manouba) Technology in language instruction: An overview of rationale and purpose (lecture) - related links

2 Feb

Online resources for teachers: Web 1.0 and 2.0 - related links Resource management and web-based activities - web page
3 Feb
Teaching grammar with computers & Internet resources Hands-on practice: Teaching grammar with computers - web page
4 Feb
Teaching listening and speaking skills with computers & Internet resources Incorporating computer and Internet use in teaching communication skills - web page
5 Feb
Joining online communities: Teacher tools Hands-on practice: Designing learning communities (listserv, chat, email exchange) - web page
8 Feb
Teaching reading and writing skills with computers & Internet resources - web page Hands-on practice: Teaching reading and writing skills with computers & Internet resources - web page
9 Feb
--Visit to Université Virtuelle de Tunis --  
10 Feb
Research tools - web page -- Visit to CEMAT: Language Software and Language Pedagogy--related links
11 Feb
Translation tools - web page -- Visit to American Corner: Computer Tools for Reading and Writing - web page --
12 Feb
Project-based learning and online collaboration- web page Assessment issues in computer-enhanced instruction - web page
13 Feb


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