Deborah Healey's Attic : Tunisia 2010 - Research Tools

Research Tools

Finding resources

Better Web Searching:
Some basic but essential guidelines for creating better searches.

NoodleTools: Choose the Best Search for your Information Needs:

Library of Congress Research Tool:

Intute portal - links by academic topic area:

Google Scholar - not a lot of full text:

Digital libraries - list of sources for free text articles and other academic material:

Free online journals in linguistics and language teaching: Teaching English as a Second Language-Electronic Journal (TESL-EJ), Language Learning & Technology (LLT), Internet TESL Journal (ITESL-J), English Teaching Forum (back issues)

Bibliographic tools

Zotero - bibliographic tool to download and use with Firefox and Word:

Microsoft Word 2007: References ribbon - manage citations in specific formats and create a bibliography

Commercial software: EndNotes

Online Writing Lab (OWL):

Research methods

Intute Research Methods list of links:

Research in Education:

Quantitative Methods in Education Research:

Research methods tools

Compleat Lexical Tutor for concordancing/corpus lingustics:

MyStat (free version of Systat):

List of other free statistics products: alyses.html


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