Deborah Healey's Attic : Tunisia 2010: Project-based Learning

Project-based Learning and WebQuests


Jigsaw reading in groups - divide the reading task; each group will explain its part to the others

Try this one: A project-based learning activity about project-based learning:

With a partner or a small group, think about a project that would work in your class. This may be a project you have already used, or it may be a new idea. Share your ideas with the group.


Start here: About WebQuests - a brief introduction. This also explains non-web WebQuests that you can use offline.

View this: Essential parts of a WebQuest
This page includes some video clips of teachers talking about WebQuests. You can continue to the Demonstration section, where you can view more videos of teachers who use WebQuests.

Search for a webquest of interest: WebQuest Page:

Working in a small group, begin to create a WebQuest at QuestGarden or Zunal.

Online collaboration

Email partners - tandem learning en.html

Projects to join

Which of these might work for your students? What kind of project would you have them join?

Your own class online


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