Deborah Healey's Attic : Tunisia 2010 - Resource Management

Resource Management

Finding resources

Better Web Searching:
Some basic but essential guidelines for creating better searches.

NoodleTools: Choose the Best Search for your Information Needs:
Google may not be the best choice for all searches. You can use the related NoodleQuest at to help as well.

Twurdy ("Too Wordy"):
This search engine reports readability, so you can choose how difficult a text to use with your students.

Managing resources

Social Bookmarking - using Delicious to track and organize web links:

Organizing material in Word and PowerPoint with hyperlinks

Saving files

Saving files in Internet Explorer and Firefox - different options and what they mean

Changing files in Word

Saving YouTube files: (can save as mp4), ,
It takes quite some time to download, no matter what you use.


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