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12-Step Pronunciation Program

With thanks and great respect to the original 12-step program, AA. So many changes start in the mind.

Step 1:
Know that you have a problem.
    ("To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." Benjamin Disraeli)
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Step 2:
Believe that you can change.
Step 3:

Make an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself!
    (Use the Pronunciation Recommendations to help you think about it.)
Step 4:

Think about the areas you most want to change. Talk about how you want to change with classmates and friends.
Step 5: Decide which areas are most important to you to change.
Step 6: Open your mind to change - build an 'English-speaking ideal you' in your mind.
    (Find a picture of someone whose pronunciation you would like to have. Act like you are that person when you are speaking English.)
Step 7: Ask a friend or your teacher to help you in one area. Listen to what they say, and try to do it.
Step 8: Think about the ways that poor communication has made your life more difficult.
Step 9: Decide to focus on one area today, and make no mistakes in that one area.
Step 10: Continue to listen for your own errors and be aware of them.
Step 11:
Realize that you can improve a little bit every day.
Step 12:

Reach out to other people while you practice.

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