ELI 162 Fall, 1996

Course Overview

Instructor:Dr. Deborah Healey
Office:Education 308H
Hours:Tues and Thurs 1:00-2:00 and by appointment
(sign up for an appointment)
E-mail: Deborah.Healey@orst.edu
Online information:http://www.orst.edu/~healeyd/162f96.html
Textbook and other required material:
Opposing Viewpoints Pamphlets (3 booklets) Greenhaven Press
Selections from the University Word List Part 3 by Witbeck (OSU Bookstore packet). Some of this material is available in the ELI's Learning Center as part of MacLex. (See instructions for MacLex.)
An English-English desk-sized dictionary to use at home
Recommended: a thesaurus to help you improve your vocabulary

Objectives of the course:
Develop your ability to read university textbook-level material, especially that in your field of study.
Improve your reading comprehension and reading speed.
Strengthen your reading skills such as skimming, finding the main idea, and reading critically.
Increase your vocabulary through extensive reading, contextual cues and the University Word List.
Familiarize you with library and online resources and how to evaluate them critically.
Improve your writing ability in tasks normally required of university students, such as:
Taking and organizing notes on readings.
Writing paraphrases, summaries, and critical reactions to readings.
Answering essay questions on what you've read.

Reading and note-taking
Reading/writing journal (See the Guidelines)
University Word List and other vocabulary-building work
Essay and summary writing and paraphrasing
Brief oral reports on readings
Online discussions
Group reports (See syllabus for dates)

Course Requirements
  1. Attend all real-time classes on time (send an e-mail message or call if you are ill).
  2. Be prepared for class discussions, both real-time and online.
  3. Turn in all assignments on time, including written and online work.
  4. Complete all assignments, even when you are absent. See a classmate, look at the assignment list online, or contact me to get the assignments.
  5. Participate in class discussions and group work, both in class and online.
  6. Take all quizzes and exams at scheduled times. There are NO make-up exams.
  7. Collaborate successfully on a group project.

Grading: You will be evaluated in the following categories:
Class and online performance
Completion of assignments
Group projects
Quizzes and exams

See the Syllabus

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