ELI 162 Syllabus
Fall, 1996

Reading and Writing
in Academic Content Areas

Instructor: Deborah Healey

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The syllabus and links will be updated throughout the term. Remember that you are responsible for handing in your electronic and paper homework on time.

Week 0
Sept 26
Introductions, orientation, and course description
Read the handout on summarizing. See information online about summarizing
Find an article in your field to summarize and comment on for your electronic reading journal.
See the Guidelines.
Send the main idea, author, title, date, publisher, and page numbers to me at Deborah.Healey@orst.edu by 8pm Monday, September 30.
(The summary and comment are due October 9.)
Bring the Opposing Viewpoints pamphlet, Can Controlling Guns Control Crime? to class.
Make sure you know how to use e-mail and Netscape.
Study UWL 2-9 and 2-10.
Week 1
Oct 1-3
Critical thinking and reading
Discuss in small groups:
--How many people in your country have guns?
--Who are the people in your country with guns?
--Is the US more violent than your country? Why?
--Do people in your country trust the government? Why?
Read page 137 of 'Can Controlling Guns Control Crime?' In-class summary and comment on page 137.
Vocabulary activity related to UWL 2-9 and 2-10.
Paraphrasing activity with the 2nd Amendment. Differences between paraphrasing and summarizing.
Quiz on UWL 2-9 and 2-10.
Find a full copy of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution in the library or online. Bring it to class.

Look at one of the following and write a summary and comment:
PoliticsNow - Issues - Gun Control
Tougher Gun Control Law Sought (link no longer works, 07/2001)
Will Gun Control Fight Crime? (link no longer works, 07/2001)
Send your summary and comment to me at Deborah.Healey@orst.edu by 8pm Sunday, October 6.
Read Viewpoints 1 and 2, pages 138-144.
Take notes on the similarities and differences to discuss in class next week.
(Summary and comment for an article in your field is due Oct 9)
Study UWL 3-1 and 3-2.
Week 2
Oct 8-10
Reading strategies
Reading faster, skimming and scanning, notetaking from a reading.
Share your summary of one of the online sources with someone who read a different one. Compare and contrast the sources.
Discuss the Viewpoints you read; how were they similar to or different from the online sources?

Decide on a group project, due November 26.
Discussion of Viewpoints 1 and 2. What would make a good critique?
Read Viewpoint 3 and make an outline of the main points
Quiz on UWL 3-1 and 3-2.
Study UWL 3-3 and 3-4 for Thursday's quiz.
Write a summary of and comment on an article in your field. E-mail that to me at Deborah.Healey@orst.edu
by 8pm Thursday, October 9.
Rewrite assignments as needed.
Find articles for your group topic.
Week 3
Oct 15-17
Summarizing and Paraphrasing
Orally summarize the article in your field you used for your reading journal.
Looking at your outline of Viewpoint 3, write a summary.
Outline, then write a summary of what the opposing viewpoint would look like. Skim Viewpoint 4. How is it the same as or different from your opposing viewpoint summary?
Paraphrasing activity with Viewpoints 3 and 4.
Quiz on UWL 3-3 and 3-4.
Discussion of the gun control sites you visited.
Study UWL 3-3 and 3-4 for Thursday's quiz.
Select three sites from the Gun Control Index (http://www.orst.edu/~healeyd/gun_control.html).
Summarize the arguments at each of the three sites, then categorize each site as in favor of gun control, opposed to gun control, or neutral. Be prepared to explain your decision in class.
Send your summaries and comments on the three sites to me at Deborah.Healey@orst.edu
by 8pm Monday, October 21.
Select a second article in your field for your reading journal.
E-mail me the title, author, journal (if applicable), and page numbers by Monday. The summary and critique will be due November 4.
Continue work on your group project; progress report due in class on October 24.
Week 4
Oct 22-24
Notetaking and critiquing

Notetaking strategies:
  • marking an article
  • using margin notes
  • computer-based outlining

Writing a good critique; using quotes and paraphrases.
(This will also come in handy in writing answers to essay questions).
Group project progress reports.
Quiz on UWL 3-5 and 3-6.
Study UWL 3-5 and 3-6 for Thursday's quiz.
Prepare your group project progress report; you'll report in class on Oct 24.
Send short answers to the following questions to the whole class:
1. Who should be more responsible for protecting the environment --governments, businesses, or individuals? Why do you think so?
2. What should government, businesses, and individuals do to protect the environment? 3. What do you do as an individual to protect the environment?
Send your comments to the whole group by 8pm Saturday, October 26. Print a copy to bring to class on Tuesday.
Read and reply to at least two other people by 8pm Tuesday, October 29. We will discuss the comments in class on Tuesday.
Week 5
Oct 29-31
Midterm week
Essay Exams
Look at the "Criteria for good essays" handout and at the answers you wrote to the questions about the environment. Did your answer meet the criteria? Write a better short essay answer. Incorporate ideas from other people as desired.
Preparation for the midterm exam.
Midterm exam
Review for the midterm exam.
Read Viewpoints 1 and 2 of Can the Environment be Protected? and comments from your classmates about who should be responsible.
Have your ideas changed? Be prepared to discuss in class on Tuesday.
Send a summary and critique of the second article in your field to me at Deborah.Healey@orst.edu
by 8pm Monday, November 4.
Week 6
Nov 5-7
Reading and Note-taking
Mark Viewpoint 1 to study for an exam; compare what you did with your classmates. How is this similar to or different from a summary?
Did the author of Viewpoint 1 agree or disagree with your viewpoint on the role of the government? How could you use the author's arguments in an essay?
Bibliographic format exercises.
Quiz on UWL 3-7 and 3-8.
Study UWL 3-7 and 3-8 for Thursday's quiz.
Read Viewpoints 3 and 4. Find other examples of radical activism (hint: search for Warner Creek, Earth First!, monkeywrench). Send your list of resources (URLs, bibliographic citations) to the whole class.
Find the third article in your field for your reading journal. E-mail me (Deborah.Healey@orst.edu) the title, author, journal (if applicable), and page numbers by Monday. The summary and critique will be due November 19.
Week 7
Nov 12-14
Paraphrasing for a report
Find two useful pieces of information from Viewpoints 1-4 to support the idea that government should take an active role, and two other useful pieces of information to oppose that idea. Write the exact quotes, then paraphrase them.
Catch-up day.
Quiz on UWL 3-9 and 3-10. (Last quiz!!)
Study UWL 3-9 and 3-10 for Thursday's quiz.
Look at two of the resources other classmates sent you. Which viewpoint would the authors agree and disagree with?
Read Viewpoints 5 and 6. List five areas of disagreement between the two authors. Bring your list to class on Tuesday, November 19.
Work on the summary and critique of the third article in your field for your reading journal. E-mail me
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