ELI 162
How to Use the MacLex Vocabulary Program


  1. Turn on the Macintosh computer in the ELI Learning Center, Education Hall 406.
  2. On the opening screen, look for MacLex 2 or MacLex 3, depending on which lesson you need to work on (the icons are in alphabetical order). Life is easier if you choose the right section at the beginning.
  3. Select the lesson you want to work on by pulling down the bar at the top marked Lesson to highlight the lesson you want.
  4. Once you have selected the appropriate lesson, pull down the bar at the top marked Study. Here you have five choices: study lesson, choose definition, choose word, choose missing word, and spell defined word. Start by choosing Study to look at the word list, definitions, and example sentences.
  5. Practice the words using the different choices under the Study menu. Don't spend a lot of time on each choice; it's better to spend about 5-10 minutes, then select one of the other ways to practice.
  6. You can create a custom word list by choosing Study lesson under the Study menu, highlighting a word you want to study, then clicking on the key at the bottom of the page. You can choose to Review this list rather than the whole lesson.
  7. If you need more help, ask one of the lab assistants or another student who is familiar with the program.

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