ELI S60 Syllabus
Summer 1998


Instructor: Deborah Healey

Check this site for updates: http://ucs.orst.edu/~healeyd/s60/s60syllabus_su98.html

The syllabus and links will be updated throughout the term. Remember that you are responsible for handing in your electronic and paper homework on time.


Week 1
June 26

Introductions, orientation, and course description

Fill out the online self-introduction at http://ucs.orst.edu/~healeyd/s60/intro.html

Make sure you know how to use e-mail, Word, and Netscape.
See information online about paraphrasing (162paraphrase.html)

Week 2
June 29 - July 1

Information transfer: using tables in Word

Conferencing at www.nicenet.org - log in with your nicenet username and password to S60, and go to Conferencing.

Summarizing and paraphrasing; using quotations.

Web searching - using Boolean operators and phrasing

Searching at the OSU library - using IAC and Oasis

Read pages 62-64 (just through the first paragraph on page 64)

Choose a topic for a short research paper (4-5 pages); find at least one print and two online sources for the topic

Week 3
July 6 - 10

Troubleshooting pp 17-21

Reading strategies
Reading faster, skimming and scanning

Study reading

Critical thinking and logical thinking

Group report from your troubleshooting topic

Summaries and critiques of your research paper sources

Outline for the research paper

Week 4
July 13 - 17

Midterm week

Using citations

Peer critiquing

Study habits

Test-taking strategies

Midterm Exam

Designing and creating web pages

Research paper #1 due by July 17

Week 5
July 20 - 24

Debriefing of first draft and comments

Outlining as a tool for revision

Reading faster - skimming and scanning

Review of summarizing and paraphrasing

Using quotes and paraphrases.

Categorical statements

Conferencing at www.nicenet.org

Vocabulary study

Read pp 89-91 and 95-96.

Start to expand your research paper to 6-10 pages; have at least six sources for the topic

Week 6
July 27 - 31

Grammar troublespots

Synthesis and analysis

Adding links to web pages; tables and other design elements

Documenting sources

Find links to add to your online research paper

Find copyright-free graphics online

Second draft of (expanded) research paper due July 29th

Week 7
August 3 - 7

Library comparison

Peer critiquing

Final exam

Week 8
August 10

Group discussion of research topics

Sharing web pages

Research paper due by 9 am August 10

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