booksInter-Regional Seminar on Teaching and Testing Reading

Tunisia, February 2006

Deborah Healey, Ph.D.

Six workshops sponsored by the Tunisian Ministry of Education and the U.S. Embassy in Tataouine, Gabes, Sousse, Monastir, Ben Arous, and Bizerte from February 10-25, 2006


Day 1 (PowerPoint slideshow - best viewed in Internet Explorer)

Introductions; KWL chart; overall objectives
A few metaphors for reading, from the participants

Second language acquisition and teaching reading – review and discussion

Sample approaches in teaching reading - see participant work from Gabes (reading for pleasure), Sousse, Ben Arous, and Bizerte in PDF format

Assessment techniques for reading: traditional methods and alternative methods - see participant work from Monastir and Bizerte in PDF format

Reflection and discussion; readings for tomorrow’s discussion

Day 2 (PowerPoint slideshow - best viewed in Internet Explorer)

Recap and discussion of the readings - participant work from Tataouine in PDF format

Hands-on materials development for teaching reading; building on the textbook

Create and share sample lesson plans - see the lesson plans developed by the participants

Creating your own assessments; self- and peer analysis and evaluation

KWL chart – what I’ve learned; Q&A and discussion

Suggested readings

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