booksInter-Regional Seminar on Teaching and Testing Reading:

Lesson plans by teachers at the six workshops

Compiled by Deborah Healey

Contributions by attendees at the six workshops. These are in PDF format.
Teachers: please let me know if I did not spell your name or your school's name correctly - email Deborah


Ali Baba
Love Boat
Marry Knows Best
Money and Evil
Pleasure Reading 1
Pleasure Reading 2
Reading for Skill Building


A Friend I Could Never Forget
Child Labour
Human Rights
Minor Ailments
A Monster's Story
Olympic Games
Ready, Set, Go Online
The Internet


A Friend I Could Never Forget
A Monster's Story - past tense
A Monster's Story - speed reading
Our World
Reading for Gist
Rosa Parks
The Internet
Time for the Future


Child Labour
Human Migration
Importance of Libraries
Marie Celeste
Mark of Excellence - infer bias
Mark of Excellence - prediction
Power of Positive Solutions

Ben Arous/Rades

Human Migration
Marie Celeste
Music -Questions without the Text
People, People Everywhere
A Success Story


An Accident
Internet Addiction
Internet Addiction - Read and Run
Job Hunting
Mark of Excellence
A Monster's Story
People, People Everywhere
People, People Everywhere - Prediction

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